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Shelby Miles
University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill

Hello, my name is Shelby Miles, and I have served as a college advisor for four+ years. Having helped students during their college preparation process, I have valuable insight into what college admissions teams seek in prospective students. I have a knack for helping students finalize and explore their passions and interests in their intended majors and career pathways. I also love helping students finalize and expand the lists of universities and colleges they would like to apply to. Having not been too far removed from completing my undergraduate career, I have a fresh perspective to offer students as it relates to their post-secondary plans.

Shannon Moran
Northeastern University

I started my college journey at Northeastern University where I earned my B.S. in Political Science with minors in Sociology and Latino and Caribbean Studies. I had some remarkable co-operative education experiences working for a corporate law firm, National Park Service, Massachusetts State House, The United States Congress and Irish Immigration Center.

While I am passionate about social issues and politics, I shifted gears to help others by entering the world of counseling. Earning my M.S. in Applied Educational Psychology from Northeastern University I worked in residential life and the academic side by continuing a career in Higher Education at The Catholic University of America and University of Maryland, College Park. While living in Washington DC I helped run a mentor site to help first generation college bound students go to college. That was the turning point for me to go back to school and get my School Counseling k-12 certification.

I am currently a school counselor in a public school in New Jersey. I thoroughly enjoy working with students and assisting with the college process. I look forward to helping families with the admissions process.

Steve McLaughlin

I have had the privilege of working as the Associate Dean in college admissions at one of the top universities for over twenty years. During my summer breaks, I worked with high school juniors and seniors helping them navigate the college application process. I have reviewed thousands of applications and read many personal statements - I know what helps a student stand out, and how they can share their story in the best possible way. I look forward to continuing to support and guide students here at College Advisor.

Joy Achuonjei
Columbia University

Greetings! I have a strong academic background, including a Bachelor's degree in Neuroscience & Behavior Columbia University, as well as a Master's degree in Neuroscience & Education from Teachers College at Columbia University.

Currently, I am pursuing a dual MBA/MD degree at Hofstra University, where I am focusing on the intersection of healthcare and innovation. In addition to my academic pursuits, I have a wide range of interests and hobbies, including hiking, traveling, and playing the harmonica.

As an Advisor, I am dedicated to using my expertise to help my clients achieve their goals. With my unique perspective on diversity and inclusion, thanks to my Cameroonian background, I strive to create an inclusive and supportive environment for all of my clients.

Wherever you are on your journey to college, I am here to help. I'm excited to work with you and help you achieve your goals!

Chino Eke
Princeton University

Hi! My name is Chino and I am a recent graduate of Princeton University with a degree in Neuroscience and a minor in Global Health & Policy. Currently, I am conducting research at Yale School of Medicine prior to medical school. During my time at Princeton, I worked alongside numerous high students as a college advisor and helped many successfully navigate the application experience. Some of my former students have gone on to attend Boston University, Vanderbilt, and Princeton. I am looking forward to working with you as well!

Kiara Gilbert
Princeton University

Hello! My name is Kiara (KiKi) and I'm a May 2021 graduate from Princeton University. I will be attending the University of Cambridge as a Marshall Scholar in the fall, where I'll be studying English. At Princeton, I studied a combination of African American Studies, ethics, and political philosophy. I was heavily involved with the first-generation, low-income (FLi) community, and led conferences and student groups to bolster the presence of FLi students at selective institutions. I've been supporting high school students with their college applications since first being admitted to Princeton, and have overseen admissions to Harvard, Stanford, and similarly-ranked universities. I'm excited to help you navigate the college application process, and to help you land where you're meant to be!

My Tang
University of California – San Diego

Hi there! My name is My (pronounced Me - think Amy without the A!). I am a first-generation college student born and raised in Anaheim, California and currently located in Seattle, WA. I received my Bachelor of Science in Cognitive Science from UC San Diego (Go Tritons!) and my Master of Science in Counseling w/emphasis in K-12 Counseling from Cal State Long Beach. I have worked as a high school counselor for the past 4 years with my current role as a College & Career Counselor. Overall, I have experience in college advising for about 10 years. I have worked in high schools both in California and Washington, making me very familiar with the UC admissions process as well as UW, and everything in between! I have also been an admissions reader for a UC school for the past two years. I am extremely passionate about helping students achieve their goals. I understand that the thought of college may be a little daunting and stressful, but with support and guidance, you can totally do it! I am confident with working with any and all students given my high school counseling background. Whether it be STEM, Pre-Med, Liberal Arts, Music, Animal Science, Theatre, Fire Science--you name it, I have probably worked with a student pursuing it!-- I would be more happy to work with you! In my free time, I like to go on walks with my dog, go hiking, practice yoga and mindfulness, play board games and trivia, and cook!

Jose Ayala Garcia
Princeton University

Hello! My name is Jose, and I recently graduated from Princeton with an undergraduate degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. I loved Princeton so much that I am going back this year to get my masters!

I am excited to advise with and continue my journey of helping high school students get into their dream colleges. Before joining I was an advisor for three years with Matriculate - a company that helps low-income/first generation high school seniors apply to college.

Throughout my advising experience, I have helped many high school seniors apply to top schools throughout the country. My area of expertise would have to be advising students interested in STEM and especially those interested in engineering schools. I also have plenty of experience applying to scholarships like QuestBridge, Jack Kent Cooke Foundation, and the Gates Scholarship.

My favorite parts of helping students apply to college is finding schools that will be good fit for them academically and socially, helping students with supplements, and seeing them get into their top choices!

Many of my students have been accepted to schools like MIT, Tufts, University of Pennsylvania, and Princeton! I look forward to working with more students on their college application journey.

Fedjounie Phillippe
Princeton University

Born in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, I grew up in northern New Jersey and graduated from Princeton University with a degree in Spanish and Portuguese and minors in Latin-American Studies and Gender and Sexuality Studies. I am currently working on my master's in International Educational Development at Columbia University's Teachers College. My favorite hobbies include hiking, watching anime, and traveling. I'm excited to use my skills as a college admissions counselor to guide students and parents through the application process and support students in actualizing their post-secondary goals!

Christina Dalton
University of California – Berkeley

I bring a wealth of education, credentials and experience to CollegeAdvisor. As a graduate of the University of California, I understand the rigors of the top universities. With my Masters in counseling and my Executive/Transition Coaching Credentials, I combine years of student advising with training to partner with my students to help them achieve their full potential. I have worked with students to help them enter into prestigious universities such as Stanford, Cornell, Yale and Princeton to name a few. Many of my students have entered the University of California system to include the University of California Berkeley, the University of California Los Angeles, and the University of California San Diego. I look forward to working with you to achieve your goals.

Ariel Perry
Boston College

Hi! My name is Ariel! I had a very atypical post-secondary journey. I was a first-generation college student. My sister attended college, but she was older than I was and embarked on the college process pretty much on my own. I had only a 3.2 GPA, but a remarkable college essay and well-rounded Activities section on my Common App allowed me an acceptance to Boston College, where I matriculated Fall of 2010.

I entered as a Biology major and eventually switched to Psychology as my interests changed. College was difficulty, but my tenacity allowed me to push through. As I prepared to wrap-up my time at Boston College and move on the graduate school, I received acceptances to both Wake Forest University and Johns Hopkins University to work towards my Master's Degree.

I matriculated into Johns Hopkins University School of Education in the Fall of 2014 and completed my studies December 2016. I graduated with my M.S. in School Counseling.

I am in my 3rd year as a College Counselor and have worked with programs designed to help students prepare their college applications. I also served as a school counselor for grades Pre K- 6. I have created and established one of my previous school's College Counseling Department as well as served as the AP Coordinator and College Board Testing Coordinator.

I am excited to work with students to get them to the next step!

Feiyang Liu
University of California – Los Angeles

Greetings! My name is Feiyang, and I am thrilled to work with you! I am a recent graduate of UCLA's Class of 2017 - obtaining my B.A. in Political Science and minoring in Global Studies. I have worked in higher education for a number of years - most recently as an External Admission Reader for UC Berkeley's Office of Undergraduate Admissions. That was such an insightful experience and I am eager to advise you through the admissions reader perspective. In addition, I possess native-level fluency in Mandarin Chinese and am happy to use those skills to supplement communications with both you and your admissions support system!

In my free time I enjoy reading, playing guitar, discovering new music and attending festivals, running/working out, watching anime and, in general, challenging myself to grow by venturing out of my comfort zone in new and exciting ways. My goals include helping you: develop a personal vision for what admissions "success" looks like, manage stress/anxiety throughout the process and make it so maybe - just maybe - you have some fun too! With that said, I sincerely appreciate the trust you have given me and look forward to serving you - let's get started!

Kiara Jackson
University of California – Santa Barbara

Hi, my name is Kiara Jackson. I graduated Cum Laude from the University of California, Santa Barbara with a BA in Sociology and a minor in English. During my senior year, I studied abroad at the University of Manchester in Manchester, England. After undergrad, for two years, I helped students navigate the college admissions process and it brought me great joy. I went on to pursue and receive my MPP from the University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy. I currently work as a program manager in which I develop, manage, and fund professional development programs for principals in Chicago Public Schools. I enjoy watching tv, reading, connecting with friends, and spending time with family. I look forward to working with you and helping you build your personal brand and navigate the college admissions process!

Lucy Zhang

Hi! Nice to meet you! I am a current master's student at Duke University studying biomedical engineering. My goal in life is to develop better therapeutics to help people with major health conditions. During undergrad, I worked as a research assistant to help develop biomaterials for stroke repair. Placing these materials in areas of dead tissue helps cells have a structure to attach to and begin regenerating brain tissue. I also have done/will be doing summer internships in large pharmaceutical companies, Amgen and Genentech, where I have worked to improve developmental pipelines. I hope to continue to develop innovative solutions to problems in human health during my PhD, which I will be matriculating into the end of this year.

My hope with CollegeAdvisor is to help students like you find the right places and resources to develop your own passions. I look forward to meeting you!

Abubakar Mian
University of Notre Dame

Hi there! My name is Abu Mian and I would love to work with you through your college admissions process! Although I grew up in the NYC area, I actually went to High School in Islamabad, Pakistan where I did not have access to the best advising for the college admissions process. I know how daunting the experience can be and so I have joined College Advisor to help you stay informed and on track with everything to do with college admissions. I graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 2021, where I completed a degree in Philosophy with honors. Alongside my coursework in the liberal arts, I also completed a supplementary major in Arts & Letters Pre-Health. I am an aspiring physician and plan on applying to Medical Schools soon. During my undergrad I spent two years serving as an Advisor for Matriculate, a non-profit that helps low-income, high achieving high school students apply to colleges. I've also worked as a writing tutor for College Athletes and as a Philosophy teaching assistant. I also have extensive experience working with young people such as yourself at a number of non-profits in Kansas City, Dallas, and London. I look forward to using my experiences to help you craft your narrative and compose beautifully written essays!

Cristina Slattery

Cristina Slattery applied to and was accepted at three institutions for her undergraduate education: Harvard, Stanford, and Middlebury. She attended Harvard College and graduated with honors in her field in Social Studies (international relations). She later earned a master's in English from Middlebury College's Bread Loaf School of English and a master's in Teaching from Fordham University's School of Education. She has worked with international students from the Middle East and China who have applied to competitive U.S. and U.K. universities and graduate programs and who have been accepted by many of these programs. She enjoys working with students and has also taught English both in the U.S. and in Spain. She is currently working on a fantasy novel for kids ages 10-12 and hopes to see it published soon! Additionally, her non-fiction writing has appeared in publications ranging from the New York Times to the Wall Street Journal,,, Words Without Borders, and many other magazines and websites.

Kimora Kong
Princeton University

I graduated from Princeton University with a Bachelors of Science in Engineering (B.S.E.) in Computer Science. During undergrad, I participated in a number of different activities on campus including planning an annual hackathon, volunteering to promote equity for girls globally with Girl Up, mentoring freshmen in the Engineering school, and guiding high school students through the college process. I have helped high school students through cultivating balanced schools lists, writing essays and supplements, and applying for financial aid and scholarships. I look forward to helping you navigate the college application process!

Elyse Matriccino
University of Pennsylvania

Hi, I have assisted many students in achieving their college admission goals. As a past counseling department chair at a large high school, I am aware of the many challenges students face in crafting a superior college application. I will provide compassionate and thoughtful direction to ensure that students and families feel respected and supported throughout the college application process.

I have an undergraduate degree in biology with a specialization in the biological basis of behavior and a graduate degree in counseling. I have worked as both a school counselor and a school social worker. I am well versed on issues related to students with 504 and Individualized Educational Plans. I really enjoy working with first generation students and have had a number of students successfully earn Questbridge scholarships. In addition, I have assisted high school athletes with navigating the NCAA process at all three levels. I have a passion for helping all students find the right fit college that meets their vocational, social and emotional needs.

Hannah Chong
Emory University

I graduated from Emory University in 2022, after transferring from Texas Christian University in 2018. I was offered places at the University of Southern California and the University of Miami as well. For graduate programs, I have been accepted to programs at Sciences Po in Paris, France, Oxford University in Oxford, England, and Cambridge University in Cambridge.

I have been mentoring high school students with the college application process for three consecutive years from all backgrounds. I have worked with students that have received acceptances at Cornell, Dartmouth, Emory University, University of Arkansas-Honors Program, and many more.

My philosophy when working with students is making their unique personality and identity shine throughout the application. I've often worked with students who are unsure of how to showcase their abilities an their experiences, or feel that they do not have anything "worthwhile" to wow college admissions officers. This is a common misconception, and I've worked with many students to help them realize that every student has a unique aspect to them that colleges want to see.

Diana Ortiz
Princeton University

I graduated from Princeton University with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with cum laude honors in 2019. I joined Microsoft after undergrad to work in Consumer Research and now, in Communications. During my time at Princeton, I was worked with a program called Matriculate for over almost two years, which is dedicated to empowering high-achieving, low-income high school students to receive guidance and advising to apply to colleges where they will thrive. Working with multiple high school students throughout the United States, I helped students create balanced college lists, complete FAFSA, apply to scholarships, review essays and short responses in detail, and helped provide guidance and clarity to the college application process. I'm very familiar with the process as I too, received guidance from a national program called Leadership Enterprise for a Diverse America, which helped me through each of these steps and encouraged me to apply to schools I had never considered before.

I am passionate about advising high school students with the college application process as it empowers students to find the best schools for them. I want to help students highlight what qualities, strengths, and hard work they have and ensure that it comes across in their application. I look forward to helping the students and parents help make informed decisions when it comes to the college admission process.

Drew Limpasuvan
Princeton University

Hello! I'm Drew and I graduated Summa Cum Laude from Princeton University with a B.S. in Computer Science. I realized my passion for college advising in my sophomore year in college where I began working as a Matriculate college advisor. In the past, I've advised students interested in computer science or engineering. My approach to college advising is focused on drawing out the unique strengths of a student and ensuring that their application not only demonstrates their academic achievements, but also embodies their story and who they are as an individual. My favorite part of the process is definitely helping students develop their personal statement essays. I look forward to working with you!